Afghanistan Forces Struggle to Hold Firm Against Taliban in South


Afghanistan : As Taliban warriors push toward the southern city of Lashkar Gah, individuals from Afghanistan's first class powers are attempting to hold their ground here, around 10 miles from the city, the capital of Helmand Province and a basic connection in the safeguard of the whole locale. 

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The Afghan government's have to depend on the extraordinary strengths, exceedingly prepared for commando attacks, to monitor the edge of the city uncovered a stark reality. As Helmand, the biggest territory in Afghanistan and the focal point of its opium generation, bears extreme foe fire this late spring, the consistent police and armed force strengths have neglected to stand firm, raising the likelihood that the Taliban could overwhelm Lashkar Gah. 

"The police, when they were caused with a few losses, surrendered around 27 posts in a steady progression without a battle, and our posts were encompassed unsuspecting," Col. Nematullah Khalil, the officer of the Afghan Army's Third Regiment, 2015 Corps, whose fighters are attempting to help the uncommon strengths hold the line in Chah-i-Anjir, in the Nad Ali region. "The foe planted a great deal of mines wherever they came to, and that backs us off." 

Lt. Col. Mohammad Omar Jan, the police head of the Nad Ali area, dismisses that evaluation. The armed force is accusing the police to conceal its own shortcoming, Colonel Jan said, including that the armed force was in charge of Chah-i-Anjir's security since his strengths were occupied with attempting to secure the locale senator's compound. 

"The police are battling in the forefront and endure overwhelming losses more than some other powers," he said.In the burning warmth on the bleeding edges close Chah-i-Anjir, individuals from normal police and armed force units looked tired on a late day as they accumulated in little bunches, resting in the shade of a few structures' mud dividers. 

The primary street that isolates the Afghan powers from the Taliban, who have been striking all the more mightily and determinedly this battling season, is intensely mined. The abdomen high cornfields around the to a great extent deserted homes look quiet, yet during the evening the strengths routinely conflict with the Taliban. The troops have figured out how to retake just around a mile in the 10 days since they lost a great part of the Chah-i-Anjir zone, said Colonel Khalil, the Afghan Army officer. 

The whole region held by government powers in Helmand has contracted as of late. Four regions, including Musa Qala and Nawzad, that were the center of a huge number of American and coalition troops amid the 2010 surge are under Taliban control. Continuous airstrikes and fortifications are required to keep a hefty portion of the other 10 areas, some lone ostensibly in government control, from falling. 

While Afghan authorities demand that Lashkar Gah won't be lost, their willy nilly technique appears to be unsustainable against a foe that has ended up being to be versatile and strong. Guarding the locale focuses that have not tumbled to the Taliban has required an appointment of senior commanders and authorities from Kabul to carry forward and backward to screen improvements. 

On Thursday morning, the senior commanders drove the battling, pushing their ground troops and bringing in strikes by Afghan and American air ship to fight off Taliban propels on the area focal point of Nawa, only south of Lashkar Gah and one of the most secure spots in Helmand as of not long ago. The Taliban fire, including mortar blasts, harmed the administration structures and pulverized the watchtowers. 

On coming back to Lashkar Gah, the officers stayed in crisis mode, continually hanging in the balance with troops in different regions, encouraging them to hold their ground. The Taliban warriors, a large portion of them withdrawing from Nawa, moved to apply weight on the focal point of the neighboring locale of Garmsir. The officers mobilized a few commandos and after that heaped into helicopters to spare Garmsir.

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