Afghanistan: After Taliban raid at Kunduz city Police forces regain control


Afghanistan:  The clashes between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban are still on but the Afghan forces have managed to regain the control of the center of the strategically important northern city of Kunduz from Taliban fighters, according to statement given by Afghan police on Tueday.

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Mahfoz Akhbari, spokesman for the chief of Kunduz police, said battles continued in and around the city where Taliban fighters were using civilian homes to launch attacks.

Forty Taliban fighters have been killed, he added.

On Monday, the Taliban launched a pre-dawn raid on the city and pushed into the center of the provincial capital they had briefly captured almost exactly a year ago in their biggest success in 15 years of war.

Fatima Aziz, a member of the Afghan parliament from Kunduz, said the security situation Tuesday morning was still "very bad" and claimed that many residents had no electricity or water.

"They [Taliban] are coming into people's houses all of the night — they want a place to stay under the house — the Taliban is taking food from families," she said.

“There is good coordination between Afghan security forces and the forces are trying to maintain security of Kunduz and have control over all areas,” Omarkhail said.

He added that National Directorate of Security (NDS), police and army forces are trying to maintain security.

According to him, the Taliban has been defeated in Kunduz and “they failed to reach to their aim.”

Meanwhile, a local police commander, Mohammad Ali, has said that most parts of the city had fallen to the Taliban on Monday night.

Ali added that the government forces have started fighting with the Taliban street by street.

According to reports, ground forces are also receiving air support and air strikes have been launched in different parts of the city.

The Taliban insurgents on Sunday attacked Kunduz city from four directions and clashed with the security forces.

The Taliban had on September 28 last year carried out a coordinated attack on Kunduz and took control of the city for three days.

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