Afghan forces take back city threatened by Taliban


The Taliban pushed into the capital of Afghanistan's southern Uruzgan area on Thursday, activating savage conflicts and sending all administration authorities escaping from the city, an Afghan authority said.Afghan strengths have retaken the greater part of a southern commonplace capital, a day after it was almost overwhelm by the Taliban in battling that guaranteed no less than eight Afghan troops, authorities said Friday. 

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After day-long overwhelming fights, the armed force and the police recovered control of every single key area in Tirin Kot, the capital of Uruzgan region, said Mohammad Radmanish, the representative for the Ministry of Defense, Sporadic battling was just in progress Friday in the city's northeastern neighborhood, he included. The Taliban pushed profound into Tirin Kot on Thursday, setting off wild battling. Nightfall of the assault, Kabul sent Afghan commandos and fortifications to Tirin Kot, supported by US airstrikes. 

Radmanish said that more than 80 Taliban contenders were killed in the previous 24 hours as Afghan powers repulsed the guerilla assault. He didn't give a setback toll to Afghan powers or regular folks. The Uruzgan commonplace representative, Doost Mohammad Nayab, told the Associated Press on Friday that the Taliban have been pushed back and were currently at a 5 kilometer-(3.1 mile-) separation from the city, because of the fortifications from Kabul and the US air support. 

Nayab said that as indicated by their figures, "around 100 Taliban warriors were executed" while the Afghans lost eight troops and had 10 injured. A representative for the Taliban, Qari Yousaf Ahmadi, demanded that the administration cases of a Taliban retreat were mistaken. "We are as yet holding our positions," Ahmadi said, precluding reports from claiming high radical setbacks. He said Taliban warriors had caught a few Afghan policemen4.

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