Adorable pooch ‘Pedals’ away during bike ride, turned into a web sensation


The Internet can regularly be a source of stress (Hello, Twitter) but every so often, a beam of light comes as a viral video – most often featuring an adorable baby animal. No wonder then that this video going massively popular on the micro blogging platform features a husky puppy being its cute self.

The video demonstrates a pint-sized pooch enjoying a bike ride with its human and doing its best to “contribute.” The pup pedals away with his paws, as it dangles mid-air while strapped into a harness attached to its human’s chest. The unnamed pup’s proud human looks amused as she cycles along a harbor front. It’s unclear exactly where or when the recording was taped.

The 15-second video was posted on Twitter by Stuart Rutherford with the caption: “That wholesome feeling when you think you are contributing yet you truly have no idea what you are doing.”

The video has already been retweeted more than 1.5 lakh times and been loved more than 3.3 lakh times since Wednesday morning.

Tweeple can’t get enough of the cute puppy:

This individual tries to explain what might be going on:

Keep pedalling, little guy: