Add ‘Oomph’ Factor To Your Nails With These Nail Designs


Not only the outfit but the nail art can also make the heads turn. Different styles of nail designs done with beautiful colors is what every girl wants.

If you are bored of regular nail painting and want to try new style of nail painting then here are few nail art styles for you. These nail designs will make your nails look classy in just few minutes. Hope you will like it!

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Double French Mani-

This Double french Mani will add elegance to your nails. Put a base coat first, let it dry and then place a tape near the nail tips. You will need to start with the base coat first then, once it is dry, place a tape near the tip of your nails. Leave enough space to do a French tip. Paint the nail ends with contrasting colors and remove the tape in the end. Allow the nail polish to dry before finishing with a top coat.

Image result for Double French Mani nail designSome Writing-

Those who love literature, this nail design is best for them. Paint your nails with literature art by adding some writings to your nails. Start with the base coat then the nail polish of your choice leaving one of your nails in each hand blank. Apply white nail polish on the blank nail then allow to dry. Get a nail sticker that has words in it then apply on your white nails. Allow to set before covering with a top coat.

Image result for SomeWriting nail artTriangle Mani Nail Art-

Paint a triangle near the cuticle and apply black as your base coat. You can use tape to create the pointy ends of your triangle or not, depending on how steady your hands are. Once you are done, cover your nails with top coat to prevent your nail polish from being rubbed off too soon. This nail design is sophisticated as well as classy.

Image result for Triangle Mani Nail ArtMatte Black-

Black is forever beauty as it never goes out of trend. Try to get a minimalist look with black color. If you want to give your nails that extra oomph, use matte black for your nails then apply a slightly shimmering black nail polish on the tips. You can rock this nail art with matching black outfit and you’ll definitely exude sophistication in no time.

Image result for Matte Black nail designMinimalist Classic Mani-

Apply nude polish after base coat. Let it dry, then draw a line using black nail polish from the tip of your nail all the way to the end of the nail. Keep drawing until you reach the end of the nail. Cover with top coat.

Image result for Minimalist Classic Mani

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Subtle Polka Dots-

Add extra shine to your nails with this Subtle Polka Dots. It do not consume much of your time. Then again paint your nails with a nude color. After this place an old band aid on top of your nails then dab some glitter polish on the holes. Remove the band aid afterwards and you’ll see tiny polka dots on your nails afterwards.

Image result for Subtle Polka Dots nail design