Add More Mindfulness Into Your Everyday


Why be mindful?

Being mindful helps you to slow down and quit rushing through your days; to actually pay attention to what others are saying when they’re talking instead of half listening; to stop waiting for the week to be over and dreaming about your next vacation (although sometimes that’s totally acceptable in my eyes). But I’d rather not spend my days waiting for them to be over, ya know?It also helps you to stop dwelling on the past and wondering how things might have gone differently if you’d have done x, y, and z another way. By staying present, you can make the little moments more enjoyable and memorable, and you’re going to start appreciating life more.


Now that we know what it means to be mindful and the benefits of being present, the tricky part is remembering to be present. And once you do remember, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to do it 24/7. The good news is there are a few simple in the morning with your cup of tea or coffee, try to take even a minute to appreciate the smell, the warmth, and the taste. I know I’m guilty of downing my coffee while checking emails and before I know it, I’m left with an empty cup and I didn’t get to savor any of it. Appreciate your morning cup without distractions or trying to multi-task so you can start your day slower and with a little more intention.

1 Eat Without Distractions

On that same note, something that can make a huge difference in your state of mind and also your relationship with food is to eat without distractions. It’s hard not to eat lunch without watching a YouTube video or scrolling through Facebook, so sometimes I leave my phone in another room while I take my lunch break and focus on what I’m eating instead.After all, I don’t want to spend all that time making myself a meal just to wolf it down in 2 minutes and miss all of that deliciousness. P.S. Did you know you should let a square of dark chocolate melt on your tongue to really get all of the flavors out of it? Dark chocolate is the perfect food to help you get more mindful 😉

2 Use Essential Oils

During the work day, I love to add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser to keep my desk area more enjoyable. Lavender essential oil is my go-to for staying relaxed, but an aromatherapy roll-on is also perfect for awakening your senses and reminding you to focus on what you’re trying to accomplish. Many of us try to get our projects and presentations done as soon as possible, but remember to enjoy the creative process, appreciate what you’re learning and ask how you could improve your work.

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3 Take Regular Walks

Are you guys tired of me suggesting you go on walks yet? I swear it’s the cure for so many different woes. But in order to get the most out of this time, you have to leave the phone at home. Even though I love listening to music while walking, I often feel tempted to check my phone and then I basically spend the whole walk on my phone and I might as well not have gone on a walk in the first place. Go for a walk and listen to the birds chirping, look up at the airplanes and make up stories about the passengers’ lives, and let yourself be content with the way things are.

4 Appreciate Your Workouts

You know when you’re exercising and you can’t stop waiting for that moment for it to be over? Like, while you’re running you’re thinking, ‘WHY WHY WHY I hate this, only 2 more miles to go,’ but then when you’re done you’re all, ‘I LOVE RUNNING.’ The feeling afterward is SO much better than the process, right?But I don’t want to spend 30 minutes hating what I’m doing, so try shifting your mindset to get a little more appreciative about the amazing things your body can do (even if it’s not all that flexible or agile, be proud of what you can do, sista). While working out, stay focused on the moves and exactly what your body is doing, even through the struggles.And if you’re doing yoga, take advantage of that Savasana at the end. A workout that lets you lie down and practically take a nap when you’re done? That’s the absolute best way to be mindful. Don’t rush through that, okay?

5 Take A Bath

This probably isn’t something you’d want to do every day, but make it part of your #selfcaresunday and treat yourself to a bath. It’s basically one of the best ways to get away from everything and focus on the present moment – the warmth of the water, the quietness, the lack of distractions. And if you’re not a bath person, a shower is one of the most underappreciated times to be mindful. I mean, you get that time all to yourself to lather up, hash out all of your problems, pretend you’re Adele singing Hello…that is some precious time right there. Soak it all up (ha-ha, bath joke).

6 Reflect On Your Day

In the evening, our minds can become a pile of mush after spending the whole day rushing around and waiting for it to be over (if you’re not being mindful, eh?). To start being more present during your evenings, try one of these ways to relax after work that don’t involve Netflix and why not start a night routine that helps you wind down and stop thinking about the next day.In order to settle down before bed, I usually light a candle and spend a few minutes writing in my  One Line A Day Journal. This way, I can reflect on what happened during the day and it gives me time to think about what I’m grateful for. When you’re reflecting on your day, try not to think about what went wrong or what you need to do tomorrow. Give yourself the time to focus on what went well and anything that made you laugh, inspired an idea, or piqued your curiosity. Write those things down because those are often the parts of life that get forgotten first.

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