Actress Deepika’s love for Ranveer Singh will make you feel “AWW”


On-screen character Deepika Padukone as of late showed up on a visit show with the steely resolve of a veteran who can avoid individual questions without breaking a sweat. Be that as it may, the group had different arrangements. Indeed, even before the quick fire round, they shocked the on-screen character with her most loved thick chocolate cake so she'd be additionally anticipated in handling googlies. 

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The principal came when she was asked who, between Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, would win in a move off. "She was noiseless for a decent 45 seconds, shouting that she couldn't answer the inquiry as it could arrive her in a bad position. 

"After a great deal of forward and backward, she took a major chomp of her cake and weaved her head in Ranveer's mark style, giving her answer," uncovers a source from the set. 

The highpoint was the point at which the statuesque excellence was inquired as to whether Ranveer had figured out how to impress her. Bajirao's Mastani gestured, collapsing her hands into a heart and announced, "He's all heart!"

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