Actor And Now Chef Amrita Raichand On Her Association with Food


Amrita Raichand who started her profession in Bollywood yet discovered her genuine bringing in the culinary world trusts that sustenance is one of the most ideal approaches to interface with your tyke and hosts the fruitful show "Mummy Ka Magic" on TV. In a brief chatter she converses with us about her relationship with Food.

Tell us about those five spices that you find are most special?
All spices are special and add their own uniqueness to any dish so it's really tough to choose. However if I must then it would be the following but it's not in the order of preference..
Saffron CinnamonFennel seeds Pepper Star anise

With the looks of a Bollywood heroine, how did food happen to you?
Thank you for the compliment. I feel I'm blessed to be a chef with the kind of looks you say make me like look like a film star (oh I feel so embarrassed to say this!)Cooking was always a very important part of my life. It moved into my career space on chef Sanjeev Kapoor's persuasion and conviction about 4 years back. Now it's my whole life and I love it.

Three words that best describe Amrita Raichand?
Real Fun Chef

As a chef you feel you are best at making

I love cooking for kids and keep experimenting with it every day! My angry bird pizzas (with ragi base) beetroot samosas with mac & cheese fillings and many other yummy healthy dishes are a big hit among kids! I feel I'm the best at this!

5 food items that are always there in your refrigerator

Cheese, vanilla extract, lemons, curd, cooked quinoa

How do you manage to stay fit amidst so much food?
I workout in the gym thrice a week and do Iyengar yoga twice a week. I'm careful about what I eat at night..apart from that I enjoy life..

Your most unforgettable food experience.
The first time my husband took me to Zodiac Grill at the Taj on my birthday after I got married to him…the food there was truly an experience. The Camembert Souffle was something I had never tasted before. And I remember they did a snake coffee for us and I couldn't stop taking pictures of it. A truly luxurious experience that remains etched in memory.

Your comfort food?
Daal chawal, Aaloo ka chokha & tamater ki chutney (incidentally this was the first meal I ever cooked) 

Your most sinful indulgence

There have been too many… but most recently I have found a new addiction in chocolate fondant. Unfortunately it's so easy to make that I give in to the temptation rather easily. 

One food you cannot do without 

I cannot do without food. Period! 

Do you have a food/Kitchen superstition? 

I don't give knives in anyone's hands. Doing this makes you quarrel with that person. 

Reality shows have made it easier for chefs. Do you agree?
Yes we are now considered celebrities!

You are among the few women celebrity chefs. Being a woman is easy or difficult in this industry?
It's always an advantage being a woman in any industry. You get more compliments..haha! On a serious note the gender is not important, it's how talented you are that gets you where you need to be.