Act to stop cases of indiscipline in universities, says Governor Kalyan Singh


Jaipur: On Monday Governor Kalyan Singh has taken strong exception of attack on vice-chancellor RP Singh of Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur by a college proprietor.

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Governor further conveyed that the state education minister Kiran Maheshwari to take burly gauges to stop the occurrences of indiscipline in the varsities. He further asked the director general of police to take strong action next to the culprits.

On 14th July the occurrence happened in the presence of Maheshwari. Taking discernment of the news gives an account of understudies smoking in the Rajasthan University grounds, Singh coordinated the recently selected V-C of RU R K Kothari to make solid move.

Understudies were accounted for smoking straightforwardly on the grounds. In the mean time, five vehicles part of representative passes on were halted at Hindoli Toll Plaza for the toll.

The vehicles were not permitted until the point when the neighborhood organization of Bundi was educated. The Raj Bhawan has communicated its disappointment over the vehicles halted at the toll. The vehicles of Raj Bhawan are normal from any toll whatsoever toll square.

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