On accusation for Carrying ‘Beef’ 40-year-old Man Beaten Up in Nagpur, watch video


On accusation of carrying beef a 40 year old man was beaten brutally by men in Nagpur’s Bharsingi territory on Wednesday.

Watch video :


The police said Ismail Shah was going on  his bike when the denounced ceased him and charged that he was carraying beef. Shah continued saying the meat was not beef but rather they declined to listen to him.

As indicated by sources, the four blamed lives in Prahar Sangathana. An officer said that each of them four have been captured.

“We had gotten the complaint yesterday. We have captured four individuals. We are as yet researching the issue,” DCP Shailesh Balkawde said.

Sources said the meat has been sent to the forensic lab for investigation.

This comes days following 16-year-old Junaid who was supposedly wounded and beaten the life out of while a few others were harmed on a local train in Haryana after a gathering of individuals blamed them for conveying beef in a bag.