According To Science, ‘Anxiety’ Comes With Some Super Powers!


We always get confused when it comes to the actual meaning of ‘Anxiety’. There are various questions which comes to our mind like Is anxiety depression? Is anxiety panic or is anxiety simply the brain playing games with you.

There are various forms of anxiety you could have like seasonal anxiety (as in nervousness, tension or palpitation before an exam, wedding, important presentation etc) or chronic anxiety wherein you always feel on the edge. If left untreated, anxiety can quickly turn into depression.

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Image result for People who suffer from anxiety have these super powers (as science says)But everything comes with both pros and cons. According to a scientific study, those who suffer from anxiety have these super powers. Read the below points to know more about;

Sensing the energy-

Usually, people who suffer with anxiety have a very strong sense of judgement. It becomes very easy for such people to immediately sense the energies of people around you. This means that the positive vibes affect you in a good way, while negative vibes will make you uncomfortable at once.

Increased empathy-

Anxiety also increases the empathy level in your body which not only makes close to yourself but also with other people as well.
Image result for People who suffer from anxiety have these super powers (as science says)Anxious people always take out time to lend an ear to others in their problems.

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Lifesaving instincts-

According to a study, people with high levels of anxiety were quicker to detect danger and respond to it. Thus it means that anxiety is a good thing as it prepares you for the worst. Such people have better coping mechanisms than those who remain calm and composed.

Image result for People who suffer from anxiety have these super powers (as science says)Increased IQ-

Overthinking and over analyzing, makes the brains tend to function faster than people who don’t suffer from it. Not only this, people who have anxiety-related disorders tend to not only look at the glass as half full, but also half-empty. Therefore, anxiety makes the person to not only think about the solutions to fill the glass more, rather than remaining content at seeing the glass as half empty.

Lie Detector-

Increased level of anxiety makes the person a lie detector who can see through someone who is lying and they are almost always right. This helps them to catch the liar and also probably the reason behind the lie.

So, next time you feel anxiety, think about these super powers!