Abhay Deol loves to stay with a low profile


Abhay Deol is an Indian film actor and producer of Hindi language films. He was born in the Deol family an influential family of the Hindi cinema. He is the nephew of Dharmendra. Abhay Deol made his on screen debut in 2005 with the romantic comedy Socha Na Tha.

Abhay Deol doesn’t like to call himself a star in the real sense of the term. He is an actor who we don’t see too often in movies. After the 2014 film, ‘One By Two’, Abhay Deol’s ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’ released last week. He looks visibly happy at the response the movie has generated simply because of its clean humour. The actor saying that the movie is a clean comedy, all the characters are likeable and very close to real life. “Which is why people have shown a positive response to the film,” says Abhay.

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Acting for Abhay doesn’t involve the trappings of anxieties and emphasis. He takes time out; stop work and then again go back to work. “I am one of those low-profile actors who take things lightly and whenever any good script comes my way, I go for it. That is the long and short of it,” says the actor. Since Abhay’s sisters are based in the US, Abhay goes there for a break after doing a movie.

When told that he is often referred to as a loner in the film industry, Abhay shrugs off such label, saying it is just that he prefers to keep to himself and expend time the method he wants to.

Abhay is open to the idea of doing short films and web shows. “I am also interested to work with uncle Dharmendra and cousins Sunny and Bobby in the near future,” says the actor.

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