AAP only option for Navjot Sidhu, says wife


 CHANDIGARH: The cricketer-turned-politician, Navjot Singh Siddhu had resigned from the BJP party on Monday just three months after his nomination by PM Modi.  

His wife Navjot Kaur said, ‘ Siddhu’s resignation from the Rajya Sabha meant he has also quit the BJP and the only option left for him was to join the Aam Aadmi Party.’

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Just after his decision, Navjot Kaur said ,‘There is no question of his going back on his decision.’

"I think he (Sidhu) has very clearly suggested what he is going to do and in the coming days let him come out with this (his future plans). He has said that he wants to serve Punjab and there is no choice except serving from Aam Aadmi Party," Kaur added.

When reporters asked her about Siddhu’s position in the party, she said, "It is understood that if he has quit the Rajya Sabha, he has quit BJP. There is no question of his going back, he has never gone back on his words. He wants to serve Punjab. And he will serve the State."

"I am working as a MLA and CPS for my party. I have made no decision as yet. For Navjot the alternative is very clear, he is clear about serving Punjab. So, you can understand what option he has," she told reporters.

When asked her if the AAP government has given Sidhu some choices, she alleged, "He must have talked to them, only he knows. Let him state his plans in a press conference."

"I have talked to him, but let certain things come from his side," she said.

Navjot Kaur said, ‘Siddhu is a spiritual man and everything he does is after listening to his inner conscience. And if his inner conscience is saying that he has to serve Punjab without any condition and without asking for anything, let it be so. He has a better vision for Punjab and let the people decide."

"I follow him blindly… But at the moment, I am working as MLA," she said.

"He has always wanted to serve Punjab, that's been his only aim. If he is given option to work anywhere other than Punjab he does not want that. BJP had enough time to bring him to the forefront (in Punjab). But if they thought that he doesn't deserve it and he is not such a kind of a person who can do something for BJP in Punjab, so let it be so".

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Moreover, when asked her if she had talked with any of the BJP member, she said, "Nobody talked to me since my phone was switched off".