AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan sent to Police custody


New Delhi: On Sunday the Aam Aadmi Party blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi of capturing its MLAs on bogus charges. On Sunday following MLA Amanatullah Khan was in prison on molestation charges, the party bang Prime Minister Narendra Modi for arresting their MLAs . Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal blame the PM of propeling ‘Delhiities to jail beneath false cases’. CM Arvind Keriwal also conveyed that, it is disgraceful that PM Modi ji has abstracted entire police from protecting women to captureing his political opponents. AAP’s Okhla MLA, Amanatullah Khan, who is also the Delhi Waqf Board chairman, is the third MLA in a month to be arrested on molestation/harassment charges and tenth representative to be arrested still since AAP came to influence previous year. In Gujarat with AAP departing full throttle to challenge the elections subsequently year, CM Kejriwal evaluate the arrest of Party members to ones in Delhi. “In Gujarat, Anandiben Patel sends dalits and Patidars to jails under false cases. In Delhi, PM Modi propels Delhiities drive to jail beneath false cases. At the present Delhi and Gujarat will fight next to this jointly.

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 Mr. Khan was in prison subsequent to a woman alleged that he tried to mow her downward following she visited his house to lift the issue of power cuts. On Saturday, the Okhla MLA throughout a press conference free a video and blaming that the video focus that the plaintiff was tutored by a police official of Jamia Nagar Police Station to press charges next to him. Party leaders in defence of Amanatullah termed his capture as the ‘darkest time’ subsequent to Emergency in 1975. AAP leader Dilip Pandey said the BJP-led NDA administration at the Centre is not able to tackle its opponents politically, adding that this is the motive for the ruling dispensation to option to such lows. He also conveyed that even subsequent to a video was uploaded establish that the case is false; the police went in front with the arrest. Mr Pandey, AAP’s Delhi unit head has also further conveyed that, the woman plaintiff has in that video conventional that she made fake allegations subsequent to being pressurized by the police. Still Amanatullah Khan Sahib has been captured; this shows how poor is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He also has further conveyed that, it is apparent that Modiji has no matters with anyone else but Arvind Kejriwalji. AAP leader Ashutosh claimed that Mr Khan was not even allowable to wear slippers by the police which came to capture him and they twisted all the CCTVs near the ceiling. He also has further conveyed that, the BJP was terrified because of the increasing popularity of AAP. Ashutosh has also further conveyed that, Amanatullah was not even permissible to wear slippers/while arresting all the CCTV cameras were turned towards ceiling by police. This is Modi’s law.

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