AAP Leader HS Phoolka apologize for the Mistake


Chandigarh: On Wednesday AAP leader HS Phoolka conveyed to apologize for the party’s “unintentional mistake” of putting up a picture of the Golden Temple on it youth manifesto, he would participate in a ‘sewa’ on the weekend.On July 7 the Janata Dal United conveyed evaluating election proposal with a spiritual manuscript was not right as supporting parties make lots of fake claims in manifestos. JD leader KC Tyagi was statement on the disagreement arising out of Aam Aadmi Party organizer Ashish Khetan comparing the party’s policy for the forthcoming elections with Guru Granth Sahib, the religious scripture of the Sikhs.

Tyagi conveyed that, Party’s proposal should not be contrast with a spiritual manuscript. We inscribe a group of false things in policy, which is not factual of religious text. In democratic system, once he has express regret and taken reverse his words, the issue should be closed. In a declaration here, parliamentarian and SAD secretary universal Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa conveyed that, the blasphemy was committed in frontage of Kejriwal throughout a fresh purpose in Amritsar, anywhere the AAP’s youth policy was at large. Kejriwal did not complaint alongside the blasphemy then or even later, giving a clear suggestion of the respect he has for the holy book of the Sikh community. This AAP is a party that does not admiration your religion as it has affronted Guru Granth Sahib as well as the holy Gita and Bible. AAP cream of the crop are also being investigated for being party to the violation of the holy Quran at Malerkotla. Dhindsa conveyed that, their previous role in inflaming common passions is also previous to the people.