AAP Government drafted new policies to govern cab services in Delhi


New Delhi: Mobile App based cabs working in Delhi may shortly do away with GPS-based meters. These will be put back by digital meters, which are previously in use in autos and kaali-peeli taxis. As per the draft policy made by the Delhi administration, app-based corporations will not be able to fix surge price as the higher limit will be set. Though, workers may offer discounts and ply at lower rates. In order to regulate app-based taxi services in the national Capital, the Delhi administration has also drafted norms below which cab companies will be regulated to charge fares set by the transport department. The draft rule will be uploaded on the website within 48 hours and will be made obtainable for public consultation.

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According to a senior official in transport department, the proposed rules counts, compulsory aggregators to get a licence from the administration, prices to be set by the administration, aggregators must have a '24×7' call centre accessible for consumers and GPS-based pathinmg systems in cabs. Transport minister, Satyendra Jain has also further conveyed that, to control the app-based cab services, we have equipped a strategy. Cab machinists will be able to give reductions to consumer, but they cannot charge more than the fares set by the transport department. All app-based taxi services will be synchronized through this strategy.

Minister Jain has also further conveyed that, since the administration will set prices, surge-pricing practised by existing appbased cab operators will conclude. The fresh draft rule will make it compulsory for cabs to function with digital meters capable of printing receipts. In New Delhi, a cab cannot be recorded with the regional transport office unless it has a digital meter installed. Though, Uber and Ola continue to use GPS. Aggregator apps use GPS based mapping systems for booking cabs, calculating fares and as route guides. On Tusday, Delhi High Court harassed upon the necessitate for "good" and "model" law for regulating app-based cab services, like Ola and Uber and conveyed it will be obliging to the people and would bring in more clearness. Justice Manmohan had also further conveyed that, he would set up a board including two superior officials each from the Delhi administration and the Centre and one specialist who can then hear all the stakeholders, counting appbased cab services, radio taxis and customers, and then come out with a model law.

 Transport Minister has also conveyed that, the administration is planning to install meters in all the app based cabs and people will be charged consequently. All accessible taxi services will come below the new rate slab, which will be set as per the power of the car engines. A senior transport department official associated with the policy has also further conveyed that, taxis with engine ability inferior than 1,000 cc will be cheaper while taxis with capacity of 1,000 to 1,500 cc will cost more.

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