AAP can have one parliamentary secretary, says Centre


The Aam Admi Party government had opposed the appointment of 21 parliamentary secretaries, the centre told Delhi high court that it could have one parliamentary secretary attached to the Chief Minister as per the law.

“The post of parliamentary secretaries neither finds place in the Constitution nor the Delhi Members of Legislative Assembly (Removal of Disqualification) Act of 1997, except for the post of Parliamentary Secretary to the Chief Minister.”

“Therefore, Appointment of 21 parliamentary secretaries vide order dated March 13, 2015, is not covered by the law,” the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) told.

The affidavit was represented by the Central Government standing counsel Jasmeet Singh in response to the court’s notice to the Centre on an NGO’s Public Interest Litigation.

On March 13, CM Arvind Kejriwal ordered ‘Appointing of 21 Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) legislators as Parliamentary Secretaries.’

It was written in affidavit that, “Delhi government had tried to legalise the appointment of the 21 parliamentary secretaries by amending the Delhi Members of Legislative Assembly (Removal of Disqualification) Act, but the President has withheld his assent to the amendment bill”, MHA Said.

The hearing of the case will be announced on September 8, 2016.

Last year On October 7, the AAP government did not heard the order of appointing 21 AAP legislators as Parliamentary Secretaries. Moreover, Kejriwal said that this was done to assist the ministers and ensure harmonious functioning.