Aamir Khan Talks About Doing Hollywood Films


Performing artist Aamir Khan said that the opportunity has already come and gone that compensation dissimilarity in Bollywood was discarded.

On numerous occasions, numerous Bollywood stars have stood up on the enormous contrast between the compensation of male and female performing artists in the nation.

Loaning his backing to such voices, the 51-year-old PK star said, “Pay-scale ought not rely on upon a man’s sex. It ought to be equal.Patriarchal mentality ought to change.”

Aamir was talking as a feature of a discourse board in Mumbai.

The performer was inquired as to whether he might want to grow his points of view and do Hollywood movies like on-screen characters Irrfan Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have done in the later past.

Aamir said that he was not excited about seeking after a profession in the West furthermore uncovered he was offered Hollywood motion pictures in the past yet he didn’t care for the scripts.

“Working in the west doesn’t interest me particularly. What interests me is a good film. It should be a film that touches my heart and I feel I can perform in. Where the film is made is irrelevant. There have been number of offers to me from Hollywood but I did not like the scripts,” he said.

The 3 Idiots star also said that working in international projects will not give him the same joy, which he gets when his work is well received by the Indian audience.

“Why I don’t feel like doing that is because I feel I have an emotional connection with my audience, with the people of this country. It is a relationship that we have built over 27 years, something that I value a lot. I don’t want to leave my audience behind. I will not be happy doing that. These are my people, we belong to each other. If I go to some other place and strange people react to my movie I may not feel the same. Emotionally, I would rather work here. If there is an offer from America, China or Japan which excites me I will do it,” he said.