“Aamir Khan has always been biggest inspiration for me”, says Anil Kapoor


Bollywood Actor Anil Kapoor seems always busy with their TV shows and movies. For him, doing movies and TV shows is a big task and he always looks up for his colleague Aamir Khan for the inspiration.

Currently, Aamir attended the trailer launch of the second season of the show “24”

Mr. Kapoor has always been maintaining a fine balance by doing both TV shows and films.

When asked by the reporters during the trailer launch of 24 he stated, “It is tough ride to do both TV and Films. Aamir Khan has always been a leader and inspiration. He is younger than me and sometimes you learn from them.”

The first season of his TV show 24 was based on the American series of the same name, it came in 2013 and now the Mr. India actor is back with second season.

Mr. Kapoor further added “nomatter what the ratings of 24 would be but my passion and dedication for the show will be same”.