Aam Ki Launji recipe



1 cup peeled raw mango cubes
2 tbsp oil 
1/2 tsp fennel seeds
1/4 tsp nigella seeds  
1 tbsp coriander powder
1 tsp chilli powder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1/4 cup sugar
salt to taste

Fresh Apple Salad With Cinnamon Tahini Drizzle


  1. Heat the oil in a broad non-stick pan, add the fennel seeds and nigella seeds and sauté on a medium flame for a few seconds.
  2. Add the raw mango cubes, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 2 minutes, while stirring continuously.
  3. Add ¼ cup of water, coriander powder, chilli powder, turmeric powder, sugar and salt,mix well and cook on a medium flame for 2 to 3 minutes, while stirring occasionally.
  4. Allow the launji to cool completely.
  5. Once cooled, serve or store in an air-tight container and refrigerate.