A Saudi Company fired its 50,000 employees


Bin Laden Group, one of the biggest companies in Saudi has shown the door and have terminated 50,000 of its employees. The shrill drop in oil prices made them suffer significant losses and the Saudi Arabia Government is taking steps to tackle it.

Bin laden group said in a report that Saudi Arabia's decision has nothing to do with the economic situation. The government had banned the company after the accident of last September at Mecca Masjid where the death amount summed a total of 107.

According to him, the company had no choice but to lay off employees. Bin laden group that runs the business was also concerned with former al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

The Saudi royal family for decades has been receiving large construction contracts. World's highest numbers of Muslims were shrined in Mecca Sharif Haram expansion project which was included. The numbers of employees at the company were two million at a time. At times, some employees of the company, expressed sporadic protests during months as they didn’t received salaries for the previous month. The company's decisions to lay off employees will make so many people suffer. A huge number of Indians could be seen in the list