A R Rahman on Gig with Chris Martin, truly stunned everyone


Oscar-winning music composer A R Rahman recently played live in the Global Citizen Festival India in Mumbai held on November 20. But it was performance with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin amid which they sang Maa Tujhe Salaam from Rahman's 1997 studio collection Vande Mataram really stunned everyone. Of the gig, Rahman said: "It just happened. I didn't expect. I just had a 50-50 chance. But, it was good, they were nice people. They believed in what I said. Chris told me, 'I'm taking your word for it AR' and I said 'just believe me'."

Meanwhile, Rahman says his method for managing feedback is to take only the useful stuff and leave the rest. "Criticism is important. But if you want to satisfy everyone, you'll satisfy no one. You make your music so generic. Some people like something, others don't like certain things. I like criticism which is constructive," Rahman told to a news agency. "Now and then you realize that it's out of dislike along these lines, I take the ones, which are helpful. Since we as a whole are people, we tend to concentrate on specific things with a specific vision and here and there we overlook certain things," he included.

Rahman, 49, denoted his music-forming debut with 1992 Roja and there was no thinking back for the artist arranger. He said his supreme enthusiasm for music has conveyed him to the place, where he is today. "My consistent inquiry is 'to feel invigorated'. Since we require a "reason" to seek. What's more, you need to continue imagining that reason. That keeps me enthusiastic to make music. Anything without enthusiasm is futile. Energy brings love, devotion and diligent work," Rahman said on the sidelines of NFDC Film Bazaar.

Rahman credits his family and fans for helping him accomplish worldwide notoriety. He is the main artist from India to win two Academy Awards, a Grammy Award and a Golden Globe. "I believe I'm extremely honored. I owe these favors to God, my family and fans furthermore the affection I get from the general population, who listen to my music," he said.

The vocalist was in Goa to dispatch his hit track from Vande Mataram in virtual reality arrange by giving it a 360 degrees immersive involvement with film bazaar. "It's an occurrence that I've propelled it on the tenth year of Film Bazaar. It's really astounding. I gradually got acquainted with VR and I was fulfilled this will be next enormous thing and it's such an unexplored thing," he said.

"VR improves the genuine articles even. It makes you feel that it's there with you. It really rehashes the entire sentimentality and makes you about-face to experience it in an altogether different manner. It's so delightful," he included.

The arranger is presently anticipating his up and coming task 2.0, which stars genius Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. The film which is a continuation of Enthiran (discharged as Robot in Hindi) is coordinated Shankar. Rahman created the music for the prequel as well. "It's still a work in advance. We have recently completed one melody. What's more, we are prepared for the following one," he said.