A fresh, healthy and a clean face come in the desire list of many. And for this, the foremost step is to wash your face properly. People usually forget to take care of their faces in their busy schedule. And then, to remove the dirt they tend to rub soaps and other creams rashly on our faces. Your face is your identity, and from rubbing rashly the facial tissues seem to be dead.

Washing your face is an important part of your skin care. If you won’t get the proper way to wash your face it will ultimately affect your skin in a negative way. We ourself can improve this problem by taking a note of following steps:

1. Choosing the right product

Choose a good product for facewash according to your skin that helps to maintain the skin’s natural moisture. Herbal face wash is the best option as it doesn’t render any side effects. For oily skin- Neem, aloe vera or mint facewash could be used. Saffron, milk and honey can be used for dry skins. And similarly for tanned and dead skin, scrub face wash can be used that removes the dead skin from the face.

2. The exact temperature of the water

One should not use hot water for facewash as it can cause damage to the skin. And very cold water can also harm the skin. So it’s better to use lukewarm or fresh water only.

3. Do not rub the face

Some people think that skin gets clear by rubbing but that’s a wrong concept. This is rather harmful to face. The top soft layer of the skin gets off and the dry skin is left behind. So clean the skin gently and smoothly but do not rub it.

4. Face Wiping

Face wiping i.e. sponging the face is a good method to keep skin healthy. But unneeded face wiping can cause damage too to the upper layer of the skin. Doing so weakens the lower layer of the skin when it gets exposed to direct sunlight and pollution. According to beauty experts, one should not wipe face more than twice a day.

5. Exfoliating

The top layer of the skin doesn’t get peeled off is an important point to be remembered attached to the face wash on which people often do not pay attention. Sometimes they take off the layer that causes pimples and skin gets freckled.

6. Necessary to remove make up

Most of the people are not aware of this point. Removing make up just doesn’t depend on one’s habit but it’s a necessity. The skin won’t be able to breathe properly until and unless you would remove the makeup and let the pores on the skin open.

7.  Don’t wash face again and again

Morning and evening, it’s a good practice to wash the face twice. But if one does it more than twice in a day, the skin can get damaged. If you don’t use sun screen or make up then you can wash face just from fresh water not applying any gel.

8. Don’t use many products simultaneously

Facial skin is extremely sensitive. Using kinds of products like fragrance, colorant and synthetic packs can leave the skin lifeless. Try to use natural things and tips for facewash.