A man was beaten to death by a gang in Gujarat


BHAVNAGAR: It's night and the back street is tight however the photos are startling. In footage recorded by a security camera, a man is seen being pursued. 

He falls and tries to oppose the passes up a gathering of no less than eight with sticks and bars. 

Police are searching for the eight men matured somewhere around 17 and 19 for lynching Rafiq Hussain in Gujarat's Bhavnagar town on Thursday. 

The man, a vegetable merchant, had obtained a house in his region for Rs. 25 lakh and as per the police, a pack of young men were requesting cash for the arrangement throughout the previous few days. 

Since the seller let them know that he was purchasing the property on a credit and would not pay them any coercion cash, he was assaulted and pounded the life out of. 

Police say the suspects have been recognized and they are being found. 

''We have recognized the majority of them on the premise of the CCTV footage and will track them down,'' said senior cop Dipankar Trivedi. 

A few people have been kept for addressing in the episode, police say.