A man crossed the fencing of Indira Gandhi International airport, Walks up to Runway


In a security slip at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, a man crossed the fencing of the airplane terminal and reached up to the runway zone without being seen by the security work force, police said on Friday.

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They said, Sangram Singh, who is from Sagar in Madhya Pradesh, was later gotten by the CISF staff and gave over to police at the IGI police headquarters.

Mr Singh had professedly crossed the fencing of the airplane terminal on September 20 and reached up to the runway area, crossing even the Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS). The PIDS sends a notice at the control room when any interruption is identified.

In any case, the PIDS between the two focuses from where Mr Singh checked was professedly exchanged off as the security work force got numerous "false cautions" because of action of stray creatures, sources said.

The constable on obligation neglected to notice when Mr Singh crossed the fencing, they said.

Later, Mr Singh was created in a court where he got safeguard, said a senior cop.

The CISF has suspended one of its constables on obligation at the season of episode at the PIDS control room, authorities said.

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