A Drug which fight against Angina also help to fight fatal fungal infection Cryptococcosis


New Delhi: Different types of angina may need different treatments. Common types of angina are chronic stable angina — a type of angina that occurs when your heart is working hard — and unstable angina, which is new chest pain or chest pain that is getting worse. But there are several options for angina treatment that is angioplasty, stenting, medications.

As these drugs are used for the treatment of Angina, these are also used for the treatment of Cryptococcosis. According to the research, The compound fend line hydrochloride could be used to arouse a patient’s own white blood cells to fight the disease more effectively, instead of trying to use drugs that directly kill the fungus itself. ‘Fungi are intrinsically more difficult to target than bacteria, because they are much more closely related, evolutionarily, to humans. Finding an essential pathway in a fungus that you could inhibit, which doesn’t exist in humans, is very difficult,’ conveyed by Professor Robin May from University of Birmingham.

So the approach of motivating your own immune system to kill the fungus, instead of killing it directly through treatment, is potentially more powerful. The study, published in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, propose a role for calcium-channel blockers such as fend line hydrochloride as potential inhibitors to the survival of Cryptococcus neoformans, the pathogen which causes cryptococcosis, and represent a promising strategy for future anticryptococcal drug design and therapy. Cryptococcosis neoformans poses a major threat to patients and is a leading killer of HIV patients worldwide. HIV/AIDS patients are particularly prone to cryptococcal infections. Considering the poor status of current anticryptococcal drugs, new treatment options for cryptococcosis are much needed