A constable suspended for allegedly leaking video footage of stabbing a woman by man in Delhi


A Delhi Police constable was suspended for purportedly spilling video footage of the wounding of a 21-year-old lady by a 34-year-old man in north Delhi’s Burari range on September 20.

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Ram Niwas was suspended after it was found that he had made the video of the CCTV footage of the episode on his telephone and imparted it to media, a cop said.

The footage had professedly affected the relatives and local people of the region who completed a challenge on September 21, he said.

A departmental request has additionally been started in the matter, the officer said.

Karuna Kumar, who functioned as an instructor in Novel Riches School, was cut to death with scissors visible to everyone by Surender Singh, who assaulted her about 22 times in a range of two minutes as bystanders looked on.

The episode drew offend as CCTV footage of the excited cutting by Singh was circulated by media, provoking the Center to look for a report from Delhi Police.

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