A 23-year old Mumbai boy, mastermind behind the Call center scam


The Kingpin behind the “Mira Road call center scam” is a 23-year-old youth, the police officials said. Shahgar Thakkar, or Shaggy, is on the run since the trick was busted last Tuesday. He has a helper, Tapash, who excessively is yet, making it impossible to be followed and is yet to be traced.

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“Despite his youth, Thakkar has made a fortune, that too in a short span of time. At a very young age he has mastered the art of cheating foreigners by sitting in India,” a cop said. A source said Thakkar may have fled the nation.

Witnesses and blamed have told the police that Thakkar possesses a few top of the line autos and is a multimillionaire. “Some of our seniors used to propel us to get more business by holding Thakkar for instance for his extravagant way of life and flashiness. He would regularly visit our call focus,” said a denounced.

“We have found a few WhatsApp bunches on which the call focus representatives were available and would get information on simple US subjects,” said a cop.

The regular setting of the busted Mira Road call centres was that the top floor was for those making as low as $1.5 lakh every month for their firm. On the most reduced floors would be those making $5-7 lakh for each month.

Various US organizations are in contact with the Thane police, trading points of interest on the examination. Sources say the call focus bust is the tip of the ice sheet and the racket is spread the nation over and is maybe even worked out of homes and not simply business focuses.

Call focus staff would make their calls by acting like authorities of the US Internal Revenue Service or the migration office. “Their partners in some different focuses were prepared as PC repairing, adjusting or Visas operators,” a cop told media.

Upwards of 70 staff members have been captured and 630 have been pulled out. The police are taking note of down the announcements of the 630, in view of which they will decide their strategy.

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