A 1,000-year-old sword was found in Iceland by hunters


In southern Iceland, a gathering of five goose hunters have struck gold. Er, steel.

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Last Friday (Sep. 2) the gathering of companions discovered a sword (Icelandic) lying on display. The Icelandic Cultural Heritage Agency, which has subsequent to obtained the sword, dates the sword to around 950 AD, or prior.

Kristín Huld Sigurðardóttir, executive general of the office, writes in an email this is the 24th sword from Viking times found in Iceland. "A number of the swords are in pieces and even just found a part of the handle," she says, "So it is energizing to discover a practically finish sword."

"It was simply lying there, holding up to be gotten," Rúnar Stanley Sighvatsson, one of the men chasing, told Iceland Monitor. "It was clear and simply lying there on the ground."

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