A 10 year old kid rewarded $10000 for hacking Instagram


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg got so happy with a little kid name Jani from Finland for hacking Instagram that he gave him $10000 as reward.  Jani uncovered vulnerability in the photo-sharing service. The founder of Social media was hearty impressed by this kid. Significantly to take a note of, Instagram is the photo sharing platform of the Facebook only.

According to Forbes, a kid named Jani removed security bug for which he got $10000 dollars from Facebook. Removing a substantial flaw in the Instagram, Jennie explained how the content could be deleted from social media platform by using a simple coding.

Jani said in an interview that he wants to buy a new bike, a football gear and a new computer for his brother from this amount of reward. Before Jennie, a 13 years old kid did this miracle.

Facebook has launched a contest in 2011 in which people were asked to explore the bugs in Facebook. Since then, the company has given 4.3 million dollars as a reward up to 800 people.