919 health centres with low-cost technique to be set up by Govt


JAIPUR: The Health department is planning to construct 919 sub- health centres with pre-fabricated materials. Using new technology, the health department is expanding its reach in rural areas. Pre-fabricated sub-health centres are coming up in the state.
Authorities said that the work for 466 such sub health centres has as of now been completed. Such centres will be earthquake resistant and take less time and cash for development. Authorities said that a financial plan of Rs 248.17 lakh had been endorsed. “Development of one sub health centre will cost Rs 27 lakh,” the authority said.

He included that the priority is given to those zones which are far away in abandon regions of western Rajasthan furthermore to the regions which are tribal-dominated. Out of aggregate 919 pre-assembled sub health centres, 296 are coming up in tribal commanded and remote regions of the state. The health division is utilizing compacted fiber bond board, pre-covered steel profile sheet, loaded with shake fleece and settled to light gage steel outline. The health office is likewise utilizing nonstop PUF sandwich board altered to tubular empty steel area outline.

As reported by the National Health Mission standards, there ought to be one sub health centre per 5,000 people in general areas and 1 for each 3,000 populace in difficult tribal and hilly areas. Fortifying human services foundation in the state, 51 essential wellbeing focuses declared in 2014 state spending plan and 18 group wellbeing focuses are coming up soon.

The development work of these wellbeing focuses has as of now been finished, the authority said.

The pre-assembled sub health centres will be earthquake safe and they are developed in much lesser time in contrast with ordinary strategy of development utilizing bricks and cement.