9 Month Pregnant woman killed in a gun attack


A nine-month-pregnant lady has been shot dead in southern Thailand by a shooter associated with being a Muslim insurgent, police said Sunday.

A shooter who arrived by bike walked up to two women eating at a street stall Saturday evening in Pattani province's Panarae district, shooting both before fleeing, said police Capt. Norawit Thongsod.

The pregnant lady was executed in the assault, while her injured friend survived. Specialists played out a C-section operation on the mortally injured lady however couldn't save the infant.

More than 6,000 individuals have been slaughtered since a separatist insurgency flared in 2004 in Thailand's three southernmost territories, the main ones with Muslim larger parts in the prevalently Buddhist nation. Muslims in the range have since quite a while ago griped about being dealt with as peons, and have a decades-in length history of once in a while fierce resistance.

The guerillas are faithful to a few gatherings whose primary objectives have all the earmarks of being some type of political independence. They are not by and large observed as grasping the kind of fanaticism found among Islamists in parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, however concerns have been raised about whether the Islamic State gathering was winning supporters among Thai Muslims.