9-Month-Old Thrown Out Of Auto, Woman Allegedly Gang-Raped : Gurgaon


Three men professedly assaulted a lady in the wake of throwing her nine-month-old little girl from an auto-rickshaw prompting the baby’s death in Gurgaon, police said on Monday. As indicated by the 23-year-old lady, she was heading off to her parents’ home in Khandsa town here around midnight on May 29 with her little girl after a contention with her husband. She took a lift in an auto-rickshaw in which three people were already sitting.

She told the police that the blamed began attacking her when she sat in the vehicle. As she opposed and her little girl began crying, they threw the baby out of the vehicle.

The baby succumbed to wounds, a Gurgaon police official said.

The sufferer told the police that she was raped by the blamed inside the auto-rickshaw on the old Khandsa street, near the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway.

The authority said that the lady, an inhabitant of a town close IMT Manesar, had at first told the police that the blamed had thrown her child out for the auto-rickshaw. Nonetheless, later she disclosed to them that she was also raped by the three.

“An case of murder and rape has been enlisted. We are exploring the matter as lady affirming gang-rape has declined to experience medical examination,” a senior cop said.

Quite, the most recent occurrence approaches on the heels of another episode in which two ladies were professedly raped at Yamunanagar and Ambala in Haryana, police said. Two awful episodes of assault additionally shook Haryana a month ago.

While the body of a 23-year-old lady, who had been gang raped and killed, was found on the outskirts of Rohtak, a 26-year-old was gang-raped in a moving car in Gurgaon and relinquished in a semi-cognizant state close to her home.