89 year old man caught digging his own grave and the answer will surprise you


Jimmy Kickham, an 89 year old business owner from Canada's Prince Edward Island,prompted a few surprising faces and raised eyebrows earlier this year with his decision to dig his own grave.yes,you heard it correctly.

The old man is digging his own grave.you will think that he gone insane but this is true.he does not have any need of doing this,as he is running his own business itself.you will think that why is he digging his own grave?the answer is he loves digging.

Mr Kickham used his own Massey Ferguson digger,which he bought 45 years ago,to excavate the hole at his local church while his seven children looked on.

He says-“Perhaps I am the only one in Canada who has done that at my age with my own backhoe and my own family,” he told the Guardian, adding: “I was kind of proud of what I was doing.”

As sure we don’t know the reason behind this but it sounds very weird and strange.well, we can only imagine the perspectives of this one.