8-Year-Old boy from Mumbai, impresses Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella With his talent


New Delhi : Child geniuses never fail to impress. Especially when they're busy making games at the age of eight to impress one of the most influential leaders of the world. On Nadella’s recent visit to India, a little child genius, Medansh Mehta impressed the Microsoft CEO with a game he invented himself! Medansh, a mumbai based student, developed his own game with his super talented coding skills but the concept of the game is what caught Nadella’s attention. So much so that, he included it in his keynote speech!

Medansh's interaction went beyond the star-eyed reverence one usually has for big shot CEOs. While presenting Nadella his game, the boy shared his vision to "balance industrial growth and agriculture so that you can control pollution and the rate of growth so that an economy can sustain".

To which a very surprised Nadella replied, "This is a quite complex and good theme which everybody in the world is liking."

Medansh, who's a resident of Mumbai, introduced Nadella to his app "Let There Be Light" during the CEO's meeting with student developers in India. Medansh left Nadella so impressed that the CEO included the boy in his keynote speech. He said, "I met an eight-year-old, and this is perhaps the time where I felt the most inadequate. And, the eight-year-old’s dream is to create a society that knows how to balance economic growth with environmental sustainability. This is the goal he has and then he translated that vision, that goal, into a novel game that he’s built."While explaining how the game works, Medansh said in his interview.

"You have to build things like factories, farms so that the prosperity of the city increases. At a certain level, the city brightens up and you have to reach a certain level of prosperity that is 1,500 coins in 5 minutes." With an ambition to become Microsoft CEO himself one day, Medansh asked Nadella how he can achieve his dream, to which the CEO replied, "You are already ambitious beyond being the next CEO. The game has the sensibility that all of us need."