8-Foot Python seen inside Air Force plane in Agra, see how it was rescued


An Air Force transport plane at the Agra airbase had an unusual and unwelcome guest on Wednesday – an eight-foot-long Indian Rock Python. The large reptile was caught inside the undercarriage bay of the right wing of the A 32 aircraft. A Wildlife SOS team spent almost five hours trying to rescue the snake.

Two expert snake-rescuers from the NGO explain it took them about five hours to rescue the distressed python. They say it was a challenge for them to guarantee the large snake remained calm and unhurt.

“We needed to get the python out of that narrow space keeping its safety in mind,” a Wildlife SOS colleague tells to a news organization. “We patiently waited for the snake to loosen its grip so that we could carefully transfer it to a transport carrier,” the official includes.

The python is being kept under observation by Wildlife SOS and will be released into its natural habitat when discovered fit.

“Rescues like these require skills and patience. We thank the Indian Air Force for considering the well-being of the python and reporting the incident to us,” says Baiju Raj M V, Director of Conservation (Projects) at Wildlife SOS.

The Indian Rock Python is a large non-venomous species found in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It is a protected species under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.