8 Donkeys released from UP prison after spending full four days


In a bizarre incident, a flock of donkeys was arrested at a jail in UP’s Jalaun district few days back for demolishing plants in the outer of jail. They were released from Urai district prison on Tuesday.

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Following four days of arrest, the donkeys were released on Tuesday. As per the reports, they damaged plants of worth Rs 5 lakh.

“These donkeys had damaged some very costly plants which our senior officer had assembled for planting within prison and in spite of caution the proprietor allow loose his animals here so we arrested the donkeys,” Urai jail head constable RK Mishra stated.

On November 24, 8 donkeys were arrested and later the possessor made worried hunt for the animals. Somebody notified the owner about the donkeys having been arrested by cops.

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Later, Kamlesh met with the prison officials with his demand to allow the animals release but the officials denied to release the donkeys for four days. He visited local BJP head Shakti Gahoi for assistance. The BJP head took Kamlesh to the jail and protected liberate of the donkeys.