8 Best Flowers for Summer Season


As the summers approach, so do the days of longer sunshine and perpetual colorful blooms. The vibrant summer flowers can make a wonderfully exciting garden where ever you want. In the hot days of the summer, it is these vibrant hues that make bearing the heat a little bit easier. Such beautiful flowers in your house or office will make your days brighter and bring life to the most tired and shady corners of the building.

Just a few plants of summer flowers will create a spectacular view in your garden. A garden may flaunt different varieties of non-flowering plants with beautiful leaves and shapes or berries with striking colours, but what is desired by all under any circumstances is flowers; and the beauty of a bunch of summer flowers is absolutely breathtaking. 
So, here is a list of the various types of flowers to plant in the summer, take a look. 

1. Oxalis: Perfect for indoor and outdoor planting, the Oxalis bulbs begin to flower in 8 to 10 weeks only. The soil needs to be extremely well drained and a good amount of light is required for a brilliant bloom.

 2. Oriental Lily: Lily comes in a number of varieties; but Oriental Lilies are most loved for their bright and beautiful colours and mesmerising scent. They need moist but well-drained soil and a lot of sunlight as well to grow. They can grow from 1 ft to 6 ft in length, depending on the variety.

3. Calla: These come in numerous colours like white, pink, yellow, orange, red and burgundy.  To grow a foot tall, the bulbs of Calla need ample sunlight and moist soil to grow.

 4. Gloriosa Daisy: The bright yellow to orange flower, also known as black-eyed susan, is a great plant that requires the least maintenance. With no soil preferences, it is very drought tolerant as well.

5. Coreopsis: These are plants with long-blooming and beautiful bright-yellow flowers. A full sun or partial shade will allow them to bloom beautifully; and they are not very particular about the soil though and, hence, are among the low-maintenance plants.

6. Asiatic Lilly: Flowering in mid-summer, these are the easiest ones to be grown in the Lily family. A great range of colour and the beautiful star-shape will make your garden stand out. They need a place with full sun and a well-drained, but moist, soil.

7. Zinnia: Another among the easiest flowers to grow, Zinnia comes in a wide range of vibrant colours. They need a place with full sun and well-drained soil to grow. The exciting colours easily attract beautiful birds and butterflies to make the view more beautiful.

8. Lavender: The plant of this beautiful purple flower with a divine fragrance is extremely drought, heat and wind tolerant. However, it does require a non-humid atmosphere and a well-drained soil.