More than 8.5 Million views for this unnamed guy downing Litres of soda in seconds


In more proof that not all recordings that circulate around the web, do so for the right reasons, a man in China drank a few liters of soda in just over a minute shocking netizens. In the bizarre attempt at turning into a web sensation, the unnamed man downed four bottles of soda on camera, following up each bottle with a loud, and rather repulsive burp.

The video starts with the man drinking two 2-liter bottles of soda, trailed by two smaller bottles, while remaining surprisingly unaffected even after consuming the excessive amount of aerated drinks. After 1 minute and 7 seconds, all the bottles are empty. It’s worth noting that there are a few more bottles of soda kept behind the man.

Titled “he’s a keeper”, the video, shared by Shanghaiist, has 8.7 million views on Facebook.

Netizens were quick to warn him of the dangers of drinking so much carbonated soda.

“Too much sugar hahaha rock and roll diabetes here we go hahha,” said one client.

“Indeed a keeper, he additionally comes with diabetic, potential heart failure and stroke, among other great “entertaining” illness in the near future. Girls are dying, in order to be with him!” said another.

“Good way to increase your sugar intake, Should of showed us soon after the clip where he collapsed and died.. individuals will successfully get popularity now days,” wrote a third.

A month ago, a man in China similarly gulped down 50 raw eggs in 17 seconds in an attempt to get viral fame prompting concerned reactions online.