70th Naga Independence Day Celebrated


NSCN (IM) kilo kilonser, Rh. Raising on Sunday stated that "incorporation of all Naga regions, under one political umbrella is the real right of the Nagas, which no force can quit." Speaking as the central visitor on the event of '70th Naga Independence Day' at CHQ, Hebron, Raising said "mix of all Naga domains is a characteristic need and not a decision." 

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Keeping up that all the country states today were based on the idea of "pluralism of sway", Raising said "shared power involves common understanding established on the target reality of national need of the two individuals." "Like it or not, India and Nagas are unavoidably interrelated and associated," he included. He additionally educated the social event that arrangement was at its last period of transaction, "prepared to enter the last phase of country building." 

Expressing that the period of Nagas had started, Raising asked upon each Nagas, "no matter what, to be politically, rationally, and profoundly arranged for the time "the great ruler has given to them." Addressing different issues that have sprung up in the continuous converses with the Government of India (GoI, for example, power and coordination of Naga domains, Raising said "Nagas were not requesting sway from India as sway of Nagas had a place with the general population". 

He noticed that Naga Independence Day was the stamp of Naga nationhood and the legacy of free Nagas which should have been perceived by the "attacker" states and the world group too. While attesting the "unity" of Nagas dispossessed of "isms" and that "no power could slaughter the living soul of Nagalim for Christ", Raising deplored that there were still a few people tainted by the infection of tribalism and divisionism. 

In his finishing up comment, Raising declared that "Nagalim ought to be constructed and created by the Naga legislative issues and keep running by it, for which, NSCN (I-M) was the leading figure which no one ought to question." Earlier, Raising spread out the Naga national banner and took the salute as the Naga armed force completed the parade on the event. 

Additionally talking on the event, Naga Hoho agent expressed that Nagas were genuinely free since time immemorial and the festival was a statement of the conviction that "we will accomplish autonomy". Expressing that distinctions were mushrooming inside the Naga society, which could disrupt the progressing talks, he called upon the Naga national specialists to cooperate and bring an enduring arrangement at the most punctual. He likewise requested the NPGs not to meddle in the state undertakings. 

An agent of Naga Students' Federation (NSF) additionally talked on the event amid which he expressed that legislature of India and Myanmar had denied Nagas of their honest to goodness rights for seven decades and it was the ideal opportunity for the word related strengths to allow the Nagas to sit unbothered. He passed on that the youthful era of Nagas seek to live as one individuals and one country. 

Joined Naga Council (UNC), president called upon the social event to stand joined together furthermore stretch out backing to the aggregate authority of the NSCN (I-M) and legislature of India in the continuous arrangements. Nagaland GB Federation president and illustrative of Naga People Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) likewise talked on the event. 

The festival saw different vivid social presentations by Konyak move troupe, Phom move troupe, enthusiastic social melody by Liyai Baptist Church. A large number of individuals including agents of different common social orders, groups, dignitaries and individuals from adjacent towns went to the festivals. Summon petition was professed by Rev. D. Heutui, focal minister CNC, vote of thanks by bureau secretary DG Robert while blessing was conveyed by "col" Shem Jajo, head clergyman Naga armed force. 

Naga National board (NNC) watched the '70th Nagaland Independence Day' at Transit peace camp Kohima, Sunday. Tending to all rank and records of NNC Naga armed force, open and others, NNC president Adinno Phizo said that the event was an awesome day for the Naga individuals in commending the 69th commemoration of Nagaland autonomy assertion to the world on this day, August 14, 1947. 

She said it was a gift that Naga individuals were dependably with the course of time in stating their privilege without apprehension. She kept up that all through the ages, Nagas ensured their nation and proceeded till today. Reviewing the history, Adinno said before 1947, Nagas and Indians scarcely knew each other, in any case, with the adjustment in times; the Nagas under the visionary pioneer of A. Z. Phizo drove the Naga agents and met all the Indian unmistakable pioneers to see each different positions. 

In this way, she said Nagas looked for peace and amicability amongst Nagaland and India, yet India reacted with war and got partition and lead Nagaland, and proceeded till today. 

Reviewing the past misery, she said Nagas have experienced a terrible time amid the war with India (1954-1964), when the entire country was "shaken, numerous endured, debilitated and passed on and we recollect our kin who relinquished for the country particularly on this pivotal day". Amid those days, Adinno said, the state was independent, "no homeless person, individuals were glad, trusting and genuine" and tribalism did not exist not at all like the present day. 

In any case, she said every one of those undesirable components were begun by instructed individuals, who battle for employments/compensation with false pride. She along these lines, tested the Nagas to keep the nation safe from abhorrence by coming back to our ordinariness. On the event, Gen. (Rtd) Viyalie Metha Kedahge FGN likewise paid regard and respect to the immense pioneers, who had spearheaded to unite the Nagas as family and saluted those nationalists, who endured and yielded their lives with regards to Naga nation. 

Metha for the FGN has additionally stretched out appreciation to every single national specialist of NNC and the FGN for their commitment and penances, and for enduringly maintaining the Naga national right. He said for a long time, Nagas have "unendingly" endured in the hands of Indian word related Armed Forces and individuals who need trustworthiness were renumerated to conflict with the Government to debilitate it. 

As indicated by Metha, one of the late "Indian demonstrations of reputation" was to constrain the blameless Naga open to acquire Indian citizenship card called "Adhaar card", without which our kin were denied to profit offices even on installment for their day by day utilities, "while, it is intentional for honest to goodness Indians". Lamentably this can't make a Naga an Indian or a Mongolian an Aryan, Metha included. 

He promote asserted that "in the course of recent years our territory has been tormented by blackmailer supposed administrations of factional gatherings who made peace concurrence with India yet peace is not found amongst themselves and with the general population". He in this way longed for "one government for a country; that is well known fact and scriptural truth known not and each one; culprits and propagators of such various governments in the area are tricking themselves by attempting to trick others". 

To this end, he said FGN knew and has sympathy toward its kin and that it will bargain likewise with persistence. All in all, Metha engaged the individuals who had done wrong in the past to abstain from rehashing. Metha likewise spread out the national banner while energetic tune was introduced by the young people of Transit peace camp. 

Prior, the system was led by speaker Tatar Hoho FGN Lhouvitsu, recorded by Maj. Ipuakteung Naga armed force, book of scriptures perusing and supplication by Brig. Vephi Dozo head minister Naga armed force and summon by Thihii Khamo cleric cum secretary FGN. 

GPRN/NSCN praised the '70th Naga Independence Day' at its central command, Khehoi with GPRN/NSCN convenor NPAC Kughalu Mulatonu as the main visitor. In a press note issued by the GPRN/NSCN MIP, it communicated alarm that "Naga individuals' goal for power has been diminished to a session of self-rule and extraordinary monetary benefits." "The central perspective of the highly advertised system assention" was a greater amount of "financial plan for a specific area rather that a political answer for all Nagas," MIP expressed. 

MIP went ahead to express that "rational voices of scholarly people, pioneers and real partners are being suffocated by the silly and adulatory explanations of few supported NGOs, common social orders and the Nagaland government." Stating that "these remote controlled pioneers are inciting future clash inside the Naga family", MIP said that it was essential "that they get to be workers of Nagaland rather that hirelings of one group." Pointing out that the general population of Nagaland had rejected political assentions previously, which did not have their assent and endorsement, GPRN/NCN said "let it be reminded that the general population employ more noteworthy force and power that the signatories of understandings."

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