70-year-old lady discovered killed at her home


Jaipur: A 70-year-old lady was discovered killed inside the storeroom of her home under Tunga police headquarters region on Friday. As per the police, Rukma Devi was strangulated to death with a bit of a towel which was recuperated from the wrongdoing scene. "Her face was crushed with a block; it appears the thought process behind the homicide was not plunder, as the aggressor did not touch her gems and money box," said Shree Chand, SHO, Tunga police station.

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According to the police, on the morning of August 15, Rukma Devi advised her relatives that she was going to visit her siblings in Dudhiya town."Nobody in her home in Tunga saw her after that morning.

They accepted that she had left for Dudhiya town. But, on Thursday, her girl and son- in-law went ahead the event of Raksha Bandhan," Chand said. "Rukma Devi's little girl called her uncle in Dudhiya town who said that she had not go to their place.

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