70 year old Brain Dead Women saves lives of Four in Kolkata


Kolkata: 70-year-old brain dead woman family members had to stay for days persuading administration officials to make sure that her preceding wish to donate organs was satisfied. Savanna Sarkar had died previous week and the state government's health department committee gave the jiggle the recent past to permit removal of corneas, kidneys and liver to provide an original rent of life to at smallest amount four other patients. The two kidneys of Sarkar have been transplanted on Keya Ray and Shiekh Firozuddin, who were hospitalised due to kidney problem. Sarkar’s corneas have been productively transplanted on two persons, but a receiver for her liver is yet to be found. All the four recipients were stable, conveyed by Pratim Sengupta, Consultant Transplant Physician & Nephrologist of Belle Vue Clinic. Resident of the city’s southernmost fringe Panchasayar, Sarkar was admitted to a private hospital on June 20 with neurological complications and, consequently, suffered cardiac arrest. Though she was revived, her brain stem functions were irreversibly damaged. A squad of doctors from Disha Hospital retrieved together the cornea and transplanted these on two persons. Experts convey that in conditions like heart breakdown a living person cannot give his heart. Therefore, cadaveric relocate is the merely solution wherever a brain stem-dead tolerant can put aside the existence of two renal failure patients, one heart and liver failure patient each and can give vision to two blind people.

Prasenjit conveyed that, “Just like deity Durga returns every subsequent year, his mother will as well revisit in a new form. He knew that his mother will not stay with him but he is happy that even as going away she gave life to someone else. He also conveyed that, they would have been better-off if all the organs might be transplanted but we could not stay longer to discover recipients.