7 peculiar Herbs you must grow in your garden


Gardening is a fun spot for many people giving the heavenly feeling of creation. When you see your plants blossom, an immense pleasure it gives.

With the fruits and vegetable that meets the need of kitchen, and flower beds soothing your eyes and ambience, you can also plant some several herbs for utmost benefits.

Some having a splendid aroma while other can be used in cooking like oregano is being used in soups, pizza, pasta etc

So here are some exotic herbs that you should grow in your garden with fruits and vegetable altogether.

1.  Toothache Plant: The name suggests its advantage. The plant looks awesome with the reddish golden pom-pom flowers. If you put those inside your mouth, you will feel a buzz and then numbness in your mouth. In many countries, it is used to treat toothache, gum and throat infection and even for malaria.

2.  Black Pearl: The name sounds awesome. You can grow this herb in your garden like any other pepper plant. You can also use this in your cooking instead of pepper. But, this tastes really very hot. The black pearl becomes bright red in color when it ripens.

3. Lemon Basil: If you plant lemon basil in your garden once, it will be there for life. The smell is awesome, as it has the aroma of lemons with the tingling smell of basil. After a tiring day, this fragrance really can lift up your mood.

4. Stevia: It is definitely one of the exotic herbs you can grow in your garden. Though it is a substitute of sugar, it keeps your blood sugar under control. It can also be applied directly on any cut to heal the wounds.

5. Chocolate Mint: If you’re looking for 8 exotic herbs you must grow in your garden, this is the one you can try. It smells like chocolate but tastes like peppermint. This herb is used in several desserts and beverages. The refreshing aroma and taste soothe your nerves after a tiring day.

6. African Blue Basil: This will definitely make special place on the list of 8 exotic herbs you must grow in your garden. This all-purple herb gives your garden an exotic look if you border your garden with this plant. Also, the flowers can be used in summer salads and drinks.

7. Epazote: To end the list of 7 exotic herbs you must grow in your garden, this is the best herb to pick. Plant it in a container and you don’t need to put much effort on this. In Mexican cooking, this herb adds additional taste.