7 Lessons from Lord Shiva that you can apply to your life


Astrology: Lord Shiva is one of the three most powerful Hindu deities alongside Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, who are together known as the Great Trinity or Trimurti in Hindi. He is known as the destroyer of evil forces and is known by various names such as Mahadeva, Pashupati, Mahakaleshwar, Natraja, Bhole Nath, etc. In most spiritual aspects, Lord Shiva is depicted as a yogi who resides on Mount Kailash and is a family person. He lives with his wife Goddess Parvati and has two divine sons, Ganesha and Kartikeya. He commutes on a divine bull named Nandi.

In today’s life, where we all are getting devoid of our culture and values, we must try to incorporate some of the lessons taught by our rich Hindu culture. Lord Shiva is a true example of a true teacher who signifies that with love and compassion we can win the world and to eliminate social evils, we must take a staunch stand. 

1. Nothing Is Impossible If You Have a Peaceful Mind

Lord Shiva’s matter hair is a symbol of unison of mind, body and soul that enables him to focus better on his duties and gives peace to his mind. Similarly, in our lives, whether we want to study harder, attain more productivity at workplace, concentrate better or aim at achieving better health condition, then we must try to unite our body, mind and soul. 

2. Perceiving Things By Giving It A Thought

The third eye of Lord Shiva symbolises that we must not always believe what we see until we are able to see it from the mind’s eye. This means whenever we face an adverse circumstance, then we must not keep on thinking about what we see in front of us. Rather than focusing on the problem by its visual appeal, we must focus on the topics that are beyond the problems. 

3. Control Your Ego

Lord Shiva’s weapon Trishul is the indicator of controlling your ego, mind and intellectual self. If you are challenged to do something which your mind does not permit and out of ego, you do it to show off yourself, then you have no control over your mind, intellect and ego. Uncontrolled ego can be your biggest enemy and may destroy your individualistic charm. It may make you angry, irritated and frustrated and such people are mostly disliked by everyone. You need to think logically from your mind and keep aside your ego and stay grounded. 

4. Life Is Ephemeral

The ash smeared on Lord Shiva’s body signifies that everything is temporary in this Universe. Life is ephemeral and we all are mortal beings. People are becoming selfish, self obsessed with their beauty and intellect. But all these things and your materialistic outlook too will be converted to ash one day. You did not bring anything with you when you were born and you will take nothing when you go from here. Only your soul is immortal. Keep your soul clean by living life with content and happiness while keeping others happy too.

5. Practice Meditation for a Focused Mind

Lord Shiva is believed to be seated in a meditative pose and he is symbolised to have an undeterred level of concentration. He is known for his calm attitude due to his prowess in practising meditation. In today’s busy life, people are constantly in stress regardless of their age and they find it difficult to keep them focused. To keep stress at bay and improve concentration, you must practise various meditation techniques. 

6. Manage Your Anger in a Constructive Manner

Blue throat of Lord Shiva indicates control on anger and channeling it into a constructive cause. Do you often feel rush of blood and you fill with fury to take revenge on someone? Then you need to control your emotions as later, you may regret taking actions in such state of mind. Whenever, you feel angry and you feel that your emotions will burst out, just go for a work out or jogging or start meditating in a calm place.

7. Develop Will Power with Exercise

Lord Shiva’s musical instrument, Damroo is a significance of getting rid of evil and unnecessary desires from the body. Eliminating evil from the body means cleansing your body and making it free from diseases through proper exercise and healthy diet. You must bring some activeness into your life in the form of exercise and yoga and must have control on your untimely food cravings. You must take utmost care of your health and develop high will power through exercising.