7 habits to lose weight without going to the Gym


Indulging yourself in exercises, starving yourself to death, morning sleeps disturbed by the jogging excercises are all old ways to lose weight. Here are 7 easy habits to lose weight without giving any trouble to yourself.

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1. Don’t watch TV and dine at a same time

People tend to eat more than they actually need while watching  TV. According to a study people tend to overlook the flavors of the food while eating in a noisy and loud environment. So switch off your TV and dine,  you will eat well and feel fuller.

2. Don’t shop on an empty stomach

When going for shopping eat first and then shop . When you go for shopping on an empty stomach you feel the urge to ead very badly after shopping, so you have that unhealthy food court food full of fats. So before going for shopping always have a snack or two.

3. Visualize the meal

If you are repeatedly thinking about eating a certain kind of food, visualising the meal might actually lessen, and perhaps end your desire of eating it in reality. This visualisation exercise will also reveal if you are truly hungry or if you just crave a distraction, and not another meal.

4.  Never deny yourself food

 Allow yourself a few treats now and then, in order to avoid mental and psychological pressure of sticking to a stringent routine forever. People who tend to starve themselves, lose important fluids, nutrients, and muscle tissue. 

5.  Always plan and prepare a shopping list

Shopping without a planned shopping list may tempt you to shop things you don’t even need. So always plan and prepare a shopping list includind only healthy food and stick to your list.

6. Never eat at  your desk

People who tend to eat at their deskes are likely to get distracted by their computers and eat more than the required.

7.  Research the menu at the restaurants

Extensiveloy research  the reataurant’s menu and don’t tempt over the dishes full of fat. Order something haelty and stick to your plan of loosing weight and being healthy.

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