7 Cleaning hacks that will make your life much easier


Lifestyle: We are not the generation that would take out a vacuum cleaner to clean our homes. Yet we want to keep everything spic and span. Quick little tricks that don’t take too much time and patience are what we need. To manage our household chores better, we're bringing you 15 cleaning hacks that will make our work easier.

Use lemon to clean spots on metal and stainless steel faucets

Have you ever wondered why most utensils detergents have lemon in them? It’s because lemon has cleaning properties. Use sliced lemon and rub it on your metal or stainless steel faucets and you’ll see them shining. Lemon helps in removing rust as well. 

Remove water rings on furniture with a blow dryer

Personally, I think water rings are one of the most stubborn marks and don’t go away easily. But a hair dryer is what helps. All you need to do is keep the blow dryer really close to the ring and it’ll disappear in no time. 

Make your keyboard shine with an old tooth brush

We don’t think much about cleaning our keyboards, even though they are the dirtiest of things in our surroundings. Unplug the keyboard, dust its top and between its keys with an old toothbrush. 

Carpet stains can be removed easily with an iron

Carpets and rugs need massive cleaning. What to do? It’s simple, just spray a mix of 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar on the rug, and iron it for 30 seconds. 

Acetone on a microfiber cloth will help you get rid of nail paint stains

Pour some acetone on a microfiber cloth and apply it on the stain, and it should vanish within seconds. 

Coca cola works well with oil stains too

Yup, in fact, Coca Cola is considered great at restoring stained carpets, clothes, curtains and more. 

Toothpaste can make your old sneakers look like a new pair

Toothpaste is a magical ingredient. It can help you clean a lot of things including your car’s headlights and a lot more. Toothpaste helps remove pimples too, but let’s leave that for another story.