7 arrested for hunting Nilgai In Gujarat


Seven people were captured by officers of Gir East division backwoods in Amreli area after they professedly chased down a blue bull close Mitiyala Wildlife Sanctuary and attempted to take away its meat for a devour Wednesday. Amid a joint watching with nearby police, officers of Savarkundla reach spotted two men conveying suspicious sacks on their backs on the edge of Bagoya town at 1:30 am on Wednesday.

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The officers requested the men to stop and on handling the sacks, it was observed that they each were stuffed with 10 kilograms of meat of blue bulls. The two some were distinguished Sumar Zakhra and Nurdiin Gullu, both inhabitants of Bagoya town in Savarkundla taluka of Amreli area.

“During questioning, the duo confessed that they, with the help of five others, had hunted down a limping male blue bull on the bank of a nullah at around 10:30 pm for a feast. Later, the skinned the antelope and were carrying the meat to their homes in Bagoya when they were caught,” Ram Mor, range forest officer (RFO) of Savarkundla Media .

The team likewise drove the police and the timberland officer to the spot where they had executed the creature. Woods officers said they recouped cover up of the blue bull and its bones from the spot.

Later in the day, woods officers captured other five people from Bagoya were likewise part of the gathering which chased the blue bull. . “All seven are residents of Bagoya and are farmers or agricultural labourers. They got together to kill the animal and feast on its meat. They have been arrested for illegally hunting a Schedule-III animal,” Mor further said.

Privately known as Nilgai, blue bull (Boselaphus tragocamelus) has been incorporated into Schedule-III of The Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 and its unlawful chasing can draw in a correctional facility term upto three years and monitory fine up to Rs25,000 or both.

Woods officers said the spot where the blue bull was chased down was around three kilometers far from the outskirt of Mitiyala Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to a couple jeopardized Asiatic lions. Blue bulls are prey of lions and they likewise harm standing yields. Yet, their chasing is extremely uncommon.

“We have checked antecedents of all the seven accused and have found no criminal past. They are claiming that they had killed a wild animal for the first time for a feast and were caught,” the RFO added.

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