65-year-old woman attacked by Stray Dogs in Kerala, another injured


The residents of the coastal village have requested Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi for her sympathy towards stray dogs. Recently, nearly two old women were attacked and another got died by stray dogs.

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The incident came to limelight at around 9 pm on Friday when 65-year-old Sheeluamma was hit by dozens of stray dogs in Thiruvananthapuram.

One of the resident Kochuouseph Chittilapally, a leading businessman protested against the issue in Kerala and said that, “He wished she would be bitten once to realise the danger that people in the area are facing.”

Chittilapally said, “I know Gandhi will not be bitten by a dog because she moves around with high security. A probe should be launched into how much kickbacks are being received by people in the sale of anti-rabies vaccine. The state ministers are also silent and it has come to a stage that only if a dog bites a minister’s wife would there be action. It seems none is interested.”

The daughter-in-law of Sheeluamma said: “By the time the dogs went away, her body had very few parts left and she died on the way to the hospital.”

Her family and residents of the area were angry as they waited outside the state-run hospital to collect her body. They have blamed city authorities for inaction against the stray menace.

Daisy was critically wounded in the second attack by the stray dogs. Daisy’s daughter Pathrosi said: “We were shocked to see both her hands bitten at several places by these dogs. Her condition was very serious when we brought her to the hospital.”

“What sort of law do we have in our country.We are not going to take this again and we know what to do. We waited all this while to see if the authorities would do anything, but they say to us that cases would be registered against us if we try to eliminate dogs,” said angry residents waiting in front of the home of the deceased.

“We have lost all our patience as the authorities are hanging on to some obscure law which says dogs cannot be eliminated. Are we inferior to these dogs,” asked a group of angry residents in Pulluvilla.

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