64-yr-old Yuriko Koike elected as first women Governor of Tokyo


Sources conveyed that, on Sunday Yuriko Koike was elected the first woman governor of Tokyo city. Koike, who was Japan's first female Defence Minister belongs, to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Liberal Democratic Party. The 64-year-old strike fellow party member Hiroya Masuda and liberal journalist Shuntaro Torigoe in the voting’s.

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Yuriko Koike ahs also further conveyed that, taking this effect very greatly, as the new governor, I would like move ahead firmly with the government of the metropolis. She supposedly did not inform the party previous to declaring her nomination, and that is supposed to have riled numerous senior leaders who put Masuda forward as her candidate. Of many things, the 2020 summer Olympics Games that Japan will host figured in the poll campaigns. The new governor has also conveyed before the elections that, the Olympics are right in front of us. I want to use them as a chance to build a new Tokyo for beyond 2020.

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