64 killed in car bomb attack in Baghdad, ISIS takes responsibility


Baghdad: A bomb attack killed at least 64 people in the busy market of Baghdad. More than 80 people are injured in the blast. Women and children are most affected in the explosion.

Two police officers say the explosives-laden car that went off this morning at a crowded outdoor market in Baghdad's eastern district of Sadr City.

Several cars and nearby buildings were heavily damaged.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement on social media, saying it was targeting Shiite militias. Police said the bomb was placed in a parked car.

ISIS has frequently targeted commercial areas and government and security personnel, causing heavy casualties. ISIS also controls significant area in northern and western Iraq, including the second-largest city of Mosul. Commercial and public places in Shiite-dominated areas are among the most frequent targets for the Sunni militants seeking to undermine Iraqi government efforts to maintain security inside the capital.